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"I have always been like the Greeks and didn't know it"- Maurice

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When the moon is in the seventh house/And Jupiter aligned with Mars/Then peace will guide the planet/And love shall steer the stars...

Dedicated Classicist.
Hopeless Romantic and Pre-Raphaelite wannabe.
Hippy commie artfag.
Bleeding-heart liberal pro-choice feminist.
Utter LARPing geek.
Proud of all of the above.

I feel that I am very much in the wrong era...either by a couple of centuries or a couple of millennia, but I manage to have fun anyway :)

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♥ Alexander and Hephaistion are philos and eros! ♥

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Maurice and Clive are Symposium ♥

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R.I.P Original Tenimyu Cast. Luv Forever
R.I.P Original Tenimyu Cast. Luv Forever

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dorks live forever
once a cast of dorks, always a cast of dorks!
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